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How To Enjoy Your Vietnam Adventures On Holiday Like A Local

Many tourists choose Vietnam to be the ideal destination that gives them a chance to take a motorbike tour for the discovery of the natural beauty and regional culture on holiday. It is indeed one of the decisions that will bring you joy and unforgettable experience in this colorful country.

However, if you do not prepare in advance, you will face some difficulties because, on some big holidays, most people will rest and do not serve travel services.

To make your trip more fantastic, we recommend that you do not skip this article. Through it, you will be instructed to experience motorbike adventure on traditional Vietnam holidays like a local.

Let’s explore now!

Choose the ideal time

Remember that Vietnam has many holidays throughout the year, but not every occasion is unique and has numerous things for you to explore. Therefore, choosing the right time to travel to Vietnam is also very significant.

In particular, the greatest holiday in this country is undoubtedly the Lunar New Year, which takes place about 1-2 weeks from the first day of each year on the lunar calendar. Still, you can come here about 3-4 days earlier to feel the lively atmosphere here. That’s when everyone is so busy preparing for the new year.

Besides Tet holidays, you should not miss some festivals such as the Hung Kings Temple festival (the 10th of the 3rd lunar month), the Mid-Autumn Festival (full moon in August), or Independence Day (the 2nd of September), etc.

Make a bucket list of destinations

Of course, you can go to any locality to start your Vietnam motorbike tours. However, some special places will give you more impressions than others.

For example, if you choose to celebrate traditional New Year in the Northwest region instead of Hanoi or Saigon, you will have a chance to participate in the colorful festivals of ethnic minorities.

Or, on the 10th of the 3rd lunar month, the Hung Kings Temple Festival will be held at Hung Kings Temple in Phu Tho province. People from all over will flock to this place to join the festival. Therefore, coming here will help you feel the culture of the Vietnamese people more clearly. Meanwhile, Independence Day will be celebrated spectacularly the most in Hanoi capital.

Besides, some holidays imported into Vietnam, such as Christmas or Halloween festivals, will be more suitable to join in big cities or tourist destinations like Hanoi, Saigon, Da Nang, or Sapa, etc.

Book rooms in advance

Typically, taking an adventure on the Vietnam holidays will be very difficult to find accommodation because the number of tourists coming here is very large. Even, on New Year’s Day, every business will take a break from work for about a week.

Hence, make sure you have accommodation during the festival. In our experience, you can book through online sites. Homestay is also a good choice, helping you have a more authentic experience here.

Rent a motorbike

A motorbike will be indispensable for Vietnam motorbike tours. However, you do not need to worry too much about this issue because most localities offer motorbike rental services. You can find out for yourself or ask your landlord for help.

All you need to prepare is a driver’s license and some personal documents such as ID cards or passports to make a deposit when you rent a motorbike in Vietnam.


Have a local guide

Whether you research in advance about where you will go or the people you will meet, it will not be as wide and thorough as the knowledge of local people. They will know which places have the best scenery, which restaurants serve the best and cheapest food and all the things that tourists never know. Especially for the Vietnam adventure on holidays, if you have a local guide, you will be explained about its customs, activities, dishes as well as their origin.

That is also the reason that we once recommend you to stay at a homestay or home of locals. If you encounter any difficulties, they will also help you wholeheartedly.

And don’t forget to take pictures

Participating in festivals in Vietnam by motorbike will be an unforgettable and special experience to every foreign visitor. You can go to every corner of the locality, meet lots of people, and participate in many joyful activities.

All will make you smile when you recall. Therefore, do not forget to bring a camera to save those moments. It is also what every Vietnamese tourist often does when exploring the lands they have never been to.

Taking adventure on the traditional Vietnam holidays is an opportunity that you should not miss to explore the local life by motorbike. Trust us! You will get a lot if you remember the tips and tricks we have listed for you. If you need further information about motorbike renting in Vietnam, feel free to contact us or visit our website. Like and share the article if you find it useful. Thank you.

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