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Street food must tastes once you come to Sapa!

Sapa is a highland town located at Lao Cai province. Mostly in Sapa, there are forest and the weather frequently cloudy, so the climate in there is quite comfortable for taking a rest to discover the natural beauty of Sapa. Parallel with it, Sapa cuisine, especially street food that makes visitors unforgettable. Enjoying hot dishes along the street vendors will give you a strange feeling while you are in the town. In this review, I will show you five street food must try once if you come to Sapa as a food lover.

Cai Meo Sapa

Because of the flavor and the taste of this raw vegetables is very different from the others, Cai Meo is one of the unique vegetables in Sapa. The local people frequently cook is to stir-fry with minced garlic, boil or even take the Cai Meo into the hot pot.

Xoi 7 Mau (7 Colors Sticky Rice)

This traditional dish comes from Nung people in Muong Khuong district, Lao Cai province. The local people have used natural leaves in the forest which contain colors like Gac fruit, Pandan leaves, etc. to make the variables of sticky rice.  People in Sapa believe that when they eat the 7-color sticky rice for special occasions, it will give them luck and wealthy for their family.

Ca Suoi Nuong (Grilled Stream Fish)

In Sapa, grilled stream fish always attract many travelers if they come here for the first time. The meat of the fish is naturally sweet and tasty while the skin is dried and crispy. Local people in Sapa has a unique skill in grilling meat so the meat could contain the meat juice inside.  Depends on the season that Sapa will have different stream fish such as the goby fish, bighead carp, etc. If you look for Sapa street food culture, this is the best choice because it appears everywhere with the Com Lam in Sapa.

Com Lam (Bamboo Sticky Rice)

In the North of  Vietnam, the sticky rice cooked in bamboo trees is very familiar. At the Vietnam war, the sticky rice cooked in bamboo frequently served for Vietnamese soldiers.  The process of cooking sticky bamboo rice is straightforward; chefs will put the raw sticky rice into bamboo tubes and take it next to the coal stove. Once it is well-cooked, travelers have to separate the containers; the sticky rice will be shown up and ready to serve.

Thit Gac Bep (Smoked Meat)

You see it ugly and just like a piece of the wood log? Do not underestimate it. Smoked meat has the weird looking at the outside, but inside, it has the taste very strange and unique. The smoked meat before going to smoke, chefs take it to marinate with various spices that only has at the Northwest mountains. The H’Mong people have discovered and created this dish, make it become like traditional food in their villages. The meat could be pork, beef, or even the ox also suitable for this dish.


In general, it depends on different regions in Vietnam that have various street food cuisine. As a reviewer, if you have time and don’t know where to go, come to Sapa, Vietnam, many things waiting for you to discover and enjoy.

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