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Top 3 Breathtaking Vietnam Highland Destinations Worth Being Your Bucket List

“Dear God, please hear me out! I have only one wish and that is for the summer to go away!”

Well, that seems to be the most popular “spell” when summer comes with its unbearable heat! But does the spell work? In fact, you still have to miserably gasp for heat and adjust the air conditioner to the lowest level with the wish of being brought back to the Ice Age, I guess both magic and God have ignored you, poor thing!

Don’t want to make your blood boil in this crazy heat any longer, let’s have a look at the top 3 breathtaking Vietnam highland destinations to run away from summer!

What about the beaches? Are they the perfect getaways?

Not really! Are you ready to spend most of the time swimming with some dull-looking fish until your skin wrinkles like an old man and getting poisoned by a squid? Well, maybe a little bit exaggerated but that’s exactly what happened to me during my beach holiday!

Vietnam highland, with its mesmerizing beauty, diversity of ethnic minorities, and impressive local rituals and festivals, is a safer and more refreshing choice for summer getaways.


Dalat – The City Of Thousand Flowers

Dubbed as the “City of thousand flowers”, the dreamy Dalat City is our first stop in the quest of finding the best Vietnam highland destinations.

Totally contrasting to the bustle of coastal cities or busy commercial centers, Dalat is where time seems to stand still to capture every beautiful moment of life – from the early morning when the sun comes up with its dazzling light until it gradually fades away behind the treetops.

After crossing Bao Loc Pass, a zigzagging dirt road will lead you higher, far away from the summer heat. Then Dalat leaves you in awe by its majestic waterfalls, endless stretch of pine forests, elegant lakes, and gorgeous flower valleys.

But ehm…what am I going to do there? Sleeping?

Don’t be so pathetic! Dalat is quiet, but it doesn’t mean you can fall asleep at any minute! Let me give you some suggestions, you boring people.

  • Take up a Vietnam motorcycle trip to explore winding mountainous roads in the middle of nowhere. Be a man and accept the challenge!
  • “Give birth” to 7749 stunning photos that everyone feels envy for your Insta posts.
  • Experience some outdoor thrilling games such as zipline, crossing-the-waterfall, or new Alpine Coaster. Be a Tarzan for a day!
  • Sleep…not on a normal bed, but on a super-durable net hanging in midair surrounded by the lush forest. Sleeping doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

Mai Chau – A Heaven On Earth

And that’s not an exaggeration at all! Located in the northwestern Vietnam highland, Mai Chau has made a reputation for itself through many Vietnamese songs and poems associated with generations of Vietnamese people.

Good news to all those poor heat-tolerant people, air conditioners are out of work here as the temperature is mostly cool and pleasant all year round! Perhaps your pray has been heard!

Have you ever wondered where all those superb pictures of white “ban” flowers blooming all over the mountains or pure white peach and lovely plum covering hills with a new stunning coat come from? Mai Chau is when we are all supposed to be!

Since you seem too lazy to think of what to do, let me be your lifesaver.

  • Have a trendy floating breakfast in a spacious infinity pool overlooking the rice paddies and wait for the sunrise.
  • Rent a bike and go for a ride through lively green fields.
  • Visit Lac Village to learn about local lifestyle and shop for some lovely souvenirs
  • Sleep peacefully in a traditional stilt house. (Well, maybe too much sleep, but you have to agree with me it’s a totally different sleeping experience, isn’t it?)
  • Spill money for a night at a top-notch resort with excellent services to recharge your “battery”.

Central Highlands – The Land Of Epic And Mighty Elephants

One warning: the heat is likely to become unbearable during summer months and turn you into a walking ice-cream. But coming here, you will feel relaxed because the land’s beauty and unique experience are out of this world, and this I guarantee with my life!

Situated in the Central region of Vietnam and formed by many provinces such as Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, and so on, Central Highlands, the Vietnam highland destination that cannot be ignored on our list, is an inseparable harmony of mountains, forests, and people. The people of the Central Highlands cherish the mountains and forests like blood running through their veins, like a body part, like brothers and sisters with utmost pride.

So what awaits you on this masterpiece of nature?

  • Have a cup of aromatic local coffee at the well-known Trung Nguyen Coffee Village.
  • Watch a fantastic gongs show – a local music instrument, and enjoy the land’s specialties.
  • Conquer a lot of majestic waterfalls and take pictures of your victory (Be ready to get wet!)
  • Take a ride through forests on the back of a mighty elephant. (They’re actually pretty nice animals as they won’t knock you off their back….because they’re not trained to do so!)
  • Go trekking with local guides and like-minded travelers through dense jungles.
  • Sleep (this will be the last time I mention it, promise!) in a typical Central Highlands’ house and have some friendly chit chats with the locals. That’s the best way to understand more about a new culture! 

Let’s check out our best Central Vietnam motorbike tours designed by BM Travel Aventure for your unforgettable riding experiences in Vietnam! 

Final Words

Now summer is not your eternal enemy anymore with the top 3 Vietnam highland destinations!

So of these three spots, which will take the crown and walk on the red carpet with an Oscar in hands? That’s the question for you to answer and experience yourself.

Kickstart an unforgettable summer holiday right from today! Besides, don’t forget to share with me and other readers how you successfully escape this extreme heat!

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