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Top 5 Provinces To Admire The Most Stunning North Vietnam Beaches

Do not know where to go with your motorcycle? Is the weather too hot this season? Let these 5 following provinces with the best North Vietnam beaches cool you!. 

Do you just stay at home and do nothing this summer? What can you tell your friends about your summer when you meet them again? 

This summertime is so long and your time is meaninglessly flying. Don’t worry!  We are here to help you find some activities which can do you good. How about getting on the motorcycle and starting traveling to North Vietnam beaches? That is a great idea, isn’t it?

Why Should You Go To These Beaches On Summer Days?

Although there are many beautiful places to travel with your motorcycle, we recommend you to go to Northern Vietnam. The weather in the north of Vietnam is usually cool and comfortable which will be ideal for any good trips in the summertime. Besides, nothing can be better than having fun at beaches after a long way on the motorbike, right?

So if you are ready, then let us continue to dig into the main details!

Top 5 Provinces That Have Best North Vietnam Beaches

When it comes to north Vietnam beaches, you are spoiled for choice. But, don’t miss out on these top 5 provinces. Their beaches will blow your mind for sure!

Quang Ninh

Quang Ninh is located in the southeast of Vietnam. This province is one of the most attractive destinations for visitors from inside and outside Vietnam. 

From the capital Hanoi, you need to drive about 160 km on your motorbike to get to Quang Ninh. Although you can visit this province anytime, the best time to go is from April to September. You know why? At that time, the weather is so ideal for you to have a wonderful experience.

Quang Ninh is famous for many different beautiful beaches like Quan Lan, Bai Dai, Van Chay, Hong Van, Tra Co, and Ti Top. Besides, coming to Quang Ninh, you can see Ha Long Bay – one of the top 7 world’s wonders. All these beaches will surely bring you an unforgettable memory!

Halong Bay
Halong Bay

Nghe An

Nghe An is known as a region that has many beautiful cultural values of Vietnam. This province has 82 km of coastline with many beautiful beaches. Each year, these beaches welcome thousands of tourists from all over the world.

The province is about 291 km to the south of Hanoi. So if you travel by motorcycle, you will have to drive a long time. Make sure that you have enough strength to go. Offset, on the way to Nghe An, you will go through many other provinces that may attract you too.

Some beautiful beaches in Nghe An that we want to suggest to you are Cua Lo, Cua Hoi, Nghi Thiet, Bai Lu, Quynh Bang, Quynh Phuong, and Dien Thanh. Coming to these beaches, you get a chance to enjoy the softness of the sand and the lovely sounds of the waves.

Thanh Hoa

It costs you about 3 hours on a motorbike to go from the capital of Vietnam to Thanh Hoa city. 160 km is not a long way but it is still enough to have some good experiences.

Coming to Thanh Hoa, you definitely have to go to one of these beaches: Sam Son, Hai Tien, Hai Thanh, Hai Hoa, and Bai Dong. Here there are lots of attractive activities waiting for you, such as beach volleyball, fire camp, and sunbathing.

Besides having fun at the beach, you can try some special foods of Thanh Hoa, including Nem Chua, Goi Ca, and So Huyet Nuong Mo Hanh. Remember to ask the price before buying anything. Although people here are friendly, they give an unreal price for their products which may cost an arm and a leg.

Ha Tinh

One of the provinces that have the most beautiful North Vietnam beaches in Ha Tinh. The distance from Ha Tinh city center to the capital Hanoi is about 340 km. What makes this place special is its purity. 

On Ha Tinh beaches, you can experience the sands that are always yellow by sunshine and swim in the clearly clean sea. If you want to know which beaches are famous in Ha Tinh, then we can list right now. Those are Thien Cam, Thach Hai, Hoang Son, Xuan Thanh, Ky Xuan, Ky Ninh. 

In addition, you can take part in some fun activities like playing beach sports, joining campfire, and eating seafood. At night, you can try the basket boat to go further on the beach and catch some small sea creatures.

Hai Phong

Starting from the center of Hanoi, you will have to spend about 2 hours to get to Hai Phong City. 

Hai Phong beaches have smooth yellow sand and large vast alluvial sea. When you are in the sea, you can have a great view of the hills, pine, casuarina. Contemplating these beauty spots promises to give you a wonderful time for relaxation. Besides, you can experience some traditional food of Hai Phong like Banh Da Cua, Banh Mi Cay, and Lau Cua Dong,

Cat Ba, Do son, Cat Dua, Cat Co, Tung Thu, Nam Cat, Van Boi are always the top choices when you ask for famous beaches at Hai Phong.

Some Notes For Riding A Motorbiking To North Vietnam Beaches

The beauty of North Vietnam beaches will definitely give you a wonderful summer. But you should remember these things unless you want to get in trouble.

The first thing you should take into consideration is your motorbike. The motorbike must have 2 rearview mirrors that will help you avoid accidents because it is not easy to conquer the way to these beaches. Besides, some traffic police may call you if your bike does not meet the standard requirements. Prepare the necessary documents, especially the driver’s license or you will end up in hot water. 

Before buying anything, remember to ask first. The people here can be friendly, but some sellers may sell their products at exorbitant prices. Of course, when you already use their items, you can not refuse to pay, right?

In case you are allergic to seafood, you should bring some snacks or food with you. There is much instant food that you can bring such as instant noodles, bread, and canned food.

In Conclusion,

Many people say that the more you go, the more you learn. If you are afraid to “learn” alone, you can find partners to travel to North Vietnam beaches by taking a stunning Vietnam motorcycle trip

Do these top 5 North Vietnam beaches impress you? They sound really great, aren’t they? Summer is a wonderful time that should not be wasted. Prepare now and start your wonderful trips.

If anything is still unclear, you can get in touch with us. We always here to help. And now, thanks for reading!

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