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Top breakfast dishes you should know in Vietnam

Breakfast is the most important meal for people because it will provide full of energy for a working day. In Vietnam, because it is a tropical country, there are many fresh vegetables in every meal. Therefore, nutrition, as well as the vitamin and fiber, will be ensured if you want to have Vietnamese breakfast. In this post, I will introduce you to top breakfast dishes you should know in Vietnam before visiting this country.

Bo Kho (Sauced Beef)

This dish in Vietnam also known as another variable of Pho but the broth is more solid. Sauced beef will be made by the beef and chefs mainly create the soup by using corn powder in the broth. Thus the soup could be thick and you could eat along with 2 options which are the bread and the flat rice noodles like Pho.

Banh Mi (Vietnamese Baguette)

Banh Mi is the has been popular because of its compact. For some days that Vietnamese people bored to eat sticky rice, Banh Mi is the perfect alternative. Because of the cheap price, it could suitable for everyone to sell and to eat. Inside of a Banh Mi, chefs will fill it with fried eggs, paté, dried chicken meat, herbs, pickled vegetables, etc. Because of this diversity, Vietnamese people highly recommend it as the top priority for breakfast.

Com Tam (Broken Rice)

Broken rice is a famous dish that you find anywhere around Vietnam. in a dish of broken rice, there is broken rice filled with oil scallion and a little bit of deep-fried pork fat. Besides, you could choose toppings to eat along with broken rice which is grilled pork, steam egg with minced pork, stirring pork skin with grind fried rice, etc.  Moreover, you could eat with pickled vegetables like carrot or raw vegetables such as cucumber, tomato to increase the flavor. Because of the combination of protein and fiber, it will make your body insight will be balanced and healthy.

Xoi Man (Sticky Rice)

To meet sticky rice, you could see everywhere at the street vendors and food stalls around Vietnam. Sticky rice is also a compact breakfast like Banh Mi and mostly for students and workers because it could be taken away without any difficulties. Long-time ago, a traditional sticky rice dish only had the sticky rice. But now, there are varieties of toppings that you could choose, depends on your interested. There are quail eggs, Vietnamese sausage, tiny shrimps, Vietnamese ham (Chả Lụa), oil scallion, etc. If you gonna have a busy trip in Vietnam, sticky rice will not make you disappointed at all.

Pho (Beef Noodles)

Pho is a popular dish that everyone in the world knows and even the word “Pho” also added in the dictionary. inside of a bowl of Pho, it has beef or chicken, flat rice noodles, herbs and especially the broth. The broth will directly impact your taste because chefs have made by simmered the bone of chicken or beef ribs so that it could have a slight sweetness.


Overall, Vietnamese cuisine is such a wonderful thing that needs your discovery. As a traveler, I believe when you come to Vietnam, you will enjoy and have so much fun in here. Vietnam not only special in cuisine, but the culture here also make you are amazed because of its popularity. Try to ch to Vietnam, many wonderful things are waiting for your exploration.

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