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Vietnam Visa Requirements for England citizens 2020

British citizens are required a Vietnam visa if they want to enter Vietnam. There are many kinds of visa and we will give you in detail of Vietnam Visa Requirements for England citizens.

There are thousands of British going to Vietnam every year, it means entering Vietnam is now not as difficult as in the past. If you want to enter Vietnam, you need to response Vietnam Visa Requirements for England citizens.

Do British need a visa to visit Vietnam?

Unfortunately, England is not in Vietnam Exemption list so a visa is required for the English to visit Vietnam. There are 2 options that British nationals may have: Getting Vietnam visa by visiting Vietnam embassy in England or applying online for a visa on arrival to Vietnam from England.

Vietnam has an exemption list that some country do not need a visa to enter. If you are not British citizens, please look up the list below.

List of countries exempt from the visa to enter Vietnam

Areas Countries Term of residence
Asia Singapore less than 30 days
Thailand less than 30 days
Malaysia less than 30 days
Indonesia less than 30 days
Laos less than 30 days
Philippines less than 21 days
Japan less than 15 days
South Korea less than 15 days
Cambodia less than 30 days
Brunei less than 14 days


less than 14 days


European Sweden less than 15 days
Finland less than 15 days
Denmark less than 15 days
Germany less than 15 days
France less than 15 days
United Kingdom less than 15 days
Italy less than 15 days
Spain less than 15 days
Norway less than 15 days

There are 2 ways to get a visa in United Kingdom. You can read it carefully How to get a visa for Vietnam in UK? to response Vietnam Visa Requirements for England citizens.

Vietnam Visa Requirements for England citizens

Here are some information when applying for Vietnam visa UK passport holder:

– In case you want to apply for visa in person at Vietnam Embassy, you can find the address of Vietnam Embassy in England from our website and apply Vietnam Embassy UK visa form there. This is the information of The Vietnam Embassy in England, is provided for information and service purpose.

– Passport must be at least ONE MONTH valid prior to your proposed date of exit from Vietnam (ex. Visa issued for 01st – 30th March, 2016, passport expiration date must be from 30th April, 2016 on wards).

– Photo must NOT be taken more than one year ago.

– Processing time: 5-7 working days

– If you live far away from the Vietnam Embassy and do not want to lose the documents (such as passport, money or documents) by postal mail or traffic jam once visiting Vietnam Embassy, you can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival. A trusted visa agent will help you apply Vietnam Visa Online for you and you will pick up your visa at one of Vietnam International Airports.

Stamping Vietnam Visa at Vietnam international airport

You can only get your visa stamped at Vietnam international airport when using Vietnam Visa on Arrival – a kind of visa that you can apply when you are at home. After having the approval letter, passenger can stamp visa at one of Vietnam international airport gates.

Ports of entry that permit the use of a Vietnam visa on arrival for England

International airport

  • Noi Bai International Airport (Ha Noi)
  • Cat Bi International Airport (Hai Phong)
  • Da Nang International Airport
  • Cam Ranh International Airport (Khanh Hoa)
  • Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City)
  • Can Tho International Airport
  • Phu Bai International Airport
  • Phu Quoc International Airport

Passenger should prepare the following documents to stamp Visa at the airport:

– Visa Approval Letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department (which had been sent to your email)

– Immigration Form

– Passport and remaining period of over 6 months, with at least 2 blank pages

– Two 4×6 photos with white background, taken within 6 months and without glasses

– Stamping fee

If you are you afraid of having trouble at the airport for stamping visa such as be bothered or made difficulty by airport security or no one assists procedures for visa stamping at the Vietnamese international airports or could be denied visa stamping and rejected for entry, you can use FAST TRACK service with quick support for stamping visa at Vietnam airports. Some extra services are also available when you apply online as CAR PICK UP, BOOKING HOTEL, BOOKING TOUR,…these services can make your trip to Vietnam comfortable and rhythmic.

How much has Vietnam Visa cost? Please refer Vietnam Visa fee in England to know Visa Fee, and refer Vietnam Visa Price for service fee information.

Vietnam Visa Requirement for England citizens to work

Vietnam Visa Requirements for England citizens

English citizens are now in Vietnam for working purpose so much. You know if English passport holders want to work in Vietnam in a long time, they can not apply for tourism Vietnam Visa, they need Visa to work, this is also a permission that allows them to work in Vietnam.

About Vietnamese visa requirements UK, there are something to be noted:

  1. Person who does not have a Company in Vietnam agreed to guarantee, please let Visa Agent know so they can handle trade visa instead.
  2. Dossier set submitted to apply for Visa is irrevocable so at that time travelers must still pay fee as normal
  3. In case Visa cannot be obtained by visa agent’s fault, they will redo or correct free of charge or refund as required by passenger
  4. When obtaining Visa, applicants can travel by air or road or waterway from England or from other countries to Vietnam.

Vietnam visa extension for British citizens

Provisions of the Government of Vietnam published that foreigners in general and British citizens in particular are only allowed to stay in Vietnam for a limited period. This is one of Vietnamese visa requirements UK as well: extension for Vietnam visa. In case the passenger has visa expired without further extension, they will be punished due to overdue visa, can be deported from Vietnam and listed on the entry blacklist.

We heartily inform you that when you enter Vietnam Tan Son Nhat border gate in Ho Chi Minh City, Moc Bai border gate Tay Ninh Province, you will easily extend your visa and save cost than Noi Bai border gate in Hanoi or Da Nang and Nha Trang.

The 3 basic Vietnam Visa extension are trade visa, tourism visa, and work visa. Vietnam Visa Requirements for England citizens and Procedures are different.

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  1. Hello we are travelling to Nha Trang and Phu My (for Ho Chi Min City) the following day in January 2020. can you please advise how we may get a visa for entry before we leave the uk. Thank you
    Regards Mrs B Bennett

  2. Hi!
    We are travelling to Vietnam, touring Laos and Cambodia and returning to Vietnam 21 days later. Do we need a visa and what type please?
    Thank you.

  3. We am travelling from Laos to Vietnam , and wanting to cross the boarder close to Dien Bien Phu . which visa should we apply for . I have a UK passport , my wife has a Hong Kong passport .

  4. Hello,

    I’m travelling from Laos into Vietnam via the Tay Trang border, I will be only staying in Vietnam for 15 days and am wondering if I can cross this border without a visa and just normal British citizen passport?

    I have read that I can stay in Vietnam for 15 days without a visa, what other proof do I need (departure ticket?) and am I able to cross this border without a visa?

  5. I am travelling from uk to hanoi and then to siem reap and then back to ho chi minh city. Does a tourist visa cover me for re entering vietnam from Cambodia?my two visits are no more than 15 days in total.

  6. Hi, I am travelling to Vietnam for holiday – for 10 days in April 2020 – do i need visa? – i am a UK passport holder.

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