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What is the weather like in Sapa, Vietnam?

Shortly introduction

To be honored as one of the fascinating places in Vietnam, Sapa has been attracting thousands of travelers to come here annually. Especially the climate here makes travelers once came here, they will never disappointed. The reason is that Sapa is a highland town of Lao Cai province, thus parallel with of the weather, Sapa will change its picturesque landscape and the harmonious layout of the mountainous terrains, evergreen forests and colorful flowers to fit with each season. Therefore, Sapa is a special place that travelers should visit annually because it will cover itself with different “shirt” so you will see diversity aspects of Sapa at different times you come. In this article, I will describe for travelers intend to visit Sapa what the weather like in Sapa, Vietnam is.

When is the best moment to meet Sapa – the highland town?

Sapa has a height about 1600 meters, counted from the sea level so it has both temperate climate and subtropical climate. Though the weather is like that, in general, Sapa always has a cool atmosphere all over the year.

For a day in Sapa, you could feel like there are four main seasons that will change in a specific timeline. In the morning, the combination of light and climate will make you think Sapa is in the spring season. However, when the day comes to the afternoon, it seems likes Sapa turns to summer’s climate because the space in that time will contain full of warm sunshine. However, the town still keeps the cool atmosphere because of its nature. Up to the evening, the sky turns to cloudy and there is no more sunshine, slightly like the autumn season. And until the night falls down, the temperature significant dropdown, featured as the winter season. On average, the temperature of Sapa town is approx 150C.

In my opinion, I think the perfect time to visit Sapa is from September to November or from March to May. The reason is that during theses month, the weather, the atmosphere, and the ground will be gentle, day and night will not be too hot or cold than usual. However, seasons in Sapa still mainly impact the temperature of the city.

Summer comes to Sapa

In the summer, though it is not hot as delta area, the temp also higher than usual in here, about 200C to 250C at the day and 130C to 150C at night. In this time, diversity of flowers and field of rice start to blossom. When you come to Sapa in the summertime, you could witness the landscape of ethnic labor takes care of their fields. Summertime in Sapa is also an interesting topic for foreign photographers when they come here also.

Ripe rice season with the ethnic people

The ripe rice season will start from September to October. At that time, you could see ethnic people harvest the rice and start to transplanting rice. Nevertheless, the best moment you could see the truly ripe rice season is in the middle or end of September. The reason is that from October, ripe rice will be already collected so you could not see the gorgeous and energetic scenery of the town in Sapa.

Winter for the Dreamers

Especially in December, visitors when coming to Sapa, they could meet the snow is slightly falling down. However, the temperature at that is quite cold and windy, so ensure that you keep yourself warm enough to avoid the cold in Sapa. For teenagers, they very love to come to Sapa in this ideal moment because it is the best time for them to check-in as well as capture wonderful pictures about the snow are happening inside the tropical country.


In general, for people who love peaceful time and space, Sapa is the most suitable place that you could come and relax. Besides, Sapa not only contains the most precious environment for resting, but it also has a special culture and the food that unforgettable. If you have time and don’t know where to go to Vietnam, Sapa is the best place for you to visit for the first time come to Vietnam.

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