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Where to go in Sapa in the afternoon?

Sapa is quite a special town because it seems like there are 4 seasons in a day. However, the most precious and beautiful Sapa is when the afternoon comes up, the warm sunshine will appear that keeps Sapa more heated and more delightful. Here are 6 best destinations that travelers should go to Sapa in the afternoon.

Suoi Bac (Silver Falls)

This place is a wonderful place for travelers to come in the afternoon. The reason is that the waterfalls will reflect the sunshine to the ground, so you could see it’s like sparkling. Moreover, the sound of the falls also echoes inside of the forests that it increases the mysterious and wild impression. From the Sapa town, you have to move about 12km to the west. The falls is located at the highway 4D so it makes the convenient for travelers to visit. To see the fulfilling of the Silver falls, you need to climb upstairs so ensure that wearing comfortable clothes for climbing. For each person, the ticket price to get in is about 30.000 VND.

Lang Lao Chai – Ta Van (Lao Chai – Ta Van Village)

Under the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain range, there is a beautiful village that inside a valley called “Lao Chai – Ta Van village”. In this village, there are many types of ethnic people live together. Some popular ethnic people like H’Mong, Dao, and Day, they live and work together as a big family. Mostly the living of people in here will be based on the rice field, thus travelers once come, you could see the landscape of ethnic people are harvesting and transplanting rice. Taking Sapa is a start destination, you need to follow Cau May alley and then, turn to Muong Hoa street and keep moving about 7km. The ticket price to go to the village about VND 50.000 per person.

Bai Da Co (Ancient Stone field – Traces of prehistoric human)

In here, there are over 200 stones that carved by the prehistoric human so it proved that at the highland of Vietnam, there were ancient people lived and developed a small community in here. The ancient stone field of Sapa covers 3 communes which are: Hau Thao, Su Pan, and Ta Van. The location of this village is inside of Muong Hoa valley, you need to go about 8km to the southwest of Sapa town. Besides visiting the village, don’t forget to relish the scenery across Muong Hoa valley.

Thac Tinh Yeu (Love Waterfall)

Love waterfalls have the height about 100 meters and the origin of it comes from the top of Fansipan Mountain. Looking at the long-distance, you could see that the shape of the waterfalls is like a cone-shaped. Go along with the waterfalls, there is a myth told by the local people. They believe that if couples once come here, both man and woman will be in love with each other forever. Located in San San Ho commune, travelers have to move about 14km to the southwest to visit this place. The ticket price is VND 45.000 for each person.

I highly recommend you to come during the time from February to April. The reason is that, at that time, there is the azalea season so that you could see the truly beauty of the waterfalls.

Ban Sin Chai (Sin Chai Village)

Sin Chai is home of the Black H’Mong ethnic people, it is located under the foot of Fansipan mountain. Luckily, the local authority does not turn this village to the tourism spot, it still keeps the pristine idyllic beauty. In here, the average age of people is quite long, the secret is because of the climate, fresh air and water, and clean food. Travelers will move over 4km start from Sapa town, past the Cat Cat village so that you could reach to Sin Chai Village.

Cho Sapa (Sapa market)

The sapa market was established in 2013, different from its predecessor, the market is cleaner and more diversity of products for visitors to choose. The new market of Sapa is nearby the bus station of the town, so it creates convenient for visitors who have just arrived in Sapa or are about to leave. In here, there are various kinds of commodities, from fresh meat and vegetables to dried food, herbal medicine, apparel, and souvenirs. The market is located in the 4D highway at the intersection of Luong Dinh Cua street. The price on average is suitable, but I recommend you to bargain so that you could have an ideal price.


In general, Sapa is a worthy place for travelers to come and explore. If you want to visit Vietnam but don’t know where to go, just come to Sapa. You will see the truly beauty of Vietnam as well as the featured culture in here.

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