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A guideline for travelers to explore Sapa

Sapa is well-known as a wonderful highland for travelers to discover the culture as well as the cuisine. Thus, it has attracted many visitors to come and stay here because of the special space and a comfortable climate. In this post, I will introduce you where to go to Sapa after you are ready to come to Sapa. Here is a guideline for travelers to explore Sapa.

Thung lung Muong Hoa (Muong Hoa Valley)

From the Sapa town, you have to go about 8km to the southeast so that you could meet the valley. I ensure that you won’t be disappointed when coming to this valley. The fascinating landscape parallel with the rice terraces of the ethnic people will give to you a peaceful feeling when you come here. For the route, it is very easy to go. You just need to pass a pass, then through the toll booth at the price of 80,000 VND / person so that you could get in. There is another interesting information for travelers that in here. Not only the landscape, there is a stone beach that carved many different shapes. This wonder up to now still investigating its origin as well as its meaning by scientists because the people in here don’t know when and how the stone beach appeared.

Nha tho da Sapa (Sapa Stone Church)

Not only me but also every visitor, when we come to Sapa, we have to visit the Stone church of the town. Nha tho da Sapa is located at the center of this highland town. So when you come to Sapa, you definitely see the church in front of your sight. This church also has another name, people in here frequently called “Nha tho co – the ancient church”. In 1895, it was first built by the French so up to now, the church has gone through many historical events. For the second re-built, because of the Vietnam war, the church was devasted badly. However, after the war, local people tried to restore and preserve. So the result as you could see, the church now becomes an unforgettable destination for travelers when they come to Sapa.

Moreover, there is another interesting thing at the Stone church is that it has a wide yard in front of it. Local people frequently take this to celebrate special occasions or selling things. Especially in common days, the ethnic minorities often come to the yard to sell their traditional hand-made things like clothes and fabric.

Ban Cat Cat (Cat Cat village)

As an ancient village of the Mong people, Cat Cat village has been kept the tradition and the unique feature. From Sapa town, you will need to move approx 2km to reach the village. Though it is an ancient village, the local authority developed the infrastructure here for travelers to come and visit. Besides, you could explore the culture and their traditional jobs of the H’Mong people in this village. People in Cat Cat village still retain the crafts such as cotton, linen, weaving, etc. with very high and sharp quality.

Dinh nui Fansipan aka Noc nha Dong Duong (Fansipan mountain peak – the roof of Indochina)

Fansipan mountain stands at the center of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. To reach to the top of Fansipan, there is a “small” challenge for travelers. As an adventurer, you have to climb about 3,143 meters from the bottom of the mountain to the top. Though, when you as long as conquered it, the prize for you is that you could enjoy the beauty and the enormous of Hoang Lien Son mountain range.

Fansipan is located in the Southwest direction and from the Sapa town, you have to move about 9km to reach to Fansipan mountain’s foot. There are two options for you to conquer this mountain. If you have good physical health, you could climb by yourself. It will take about 6-7 days to reach the top of the mountain. Otherwise, you could take the cable car to go faster and don’t require much about physical health.

Nui Ham Rong (Ham Rong Mountain)

Ham Rong mountain is a beautiful place for travelers to come and check-in/selfie. Moreover, because of its nearby, you only take about 3km from the town center to go up here and there is a walking street for tourists to walk on foot. When you conquer the top of the mountain, you could see the panoramic view of Sapa town along with Muong Hoa, Sa Pa (Sa Pả) and Ta Phin (Tả Phìn) valley when you look down from above.


Those suggestions above are suitable for travelers in the first time they come to Sapa. As visitors, once you come to Vietnam, Sapa is a place that you should not miss because if its beauty. I truly recommend you guys should come to Sapa because besides what I mentioned above, there are thousands of corners that undiscovered and need you to disclose.

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