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Must-try for adventure bikers: Mekong Delta Tour in Vietnam by motorbike

Mekong Delta, located in southwest Vietnam, is widely known both domestically and internationally for the idyllic beauty blessed by Mother Nature and the hospitality and warmth of its inhabitants. Experiencing those things yourself, at least once in a lifetime, is something our staff at BM Travel Adventure highly recommends.

Plus, why don’t you go ahead make it a motorbike tour as well? This would surely be one journey you cannot forget! As such, BM Travel Adventure has decided to share some exciting notes for any adventure biker on the Mekong Delta tour by motorbike. Let’s dive right in!

1.  Why is it so exciting?

Doesn’t a self-planned and self-directed trip sound absolutely amazing to you? In recent years, this form of backpacking travel by motorbikes has become extremely popular. Apart from the excitement factor, many have found that it comes with more advantages than the more traditional forms of travel.

In addition to the usual experience of exploring new lands and locations, coming into contact with various cultures and the chance for relaxation away from your busy life, backpacking on a motorbike also helps you form many essential soft skills for daily life. Furthermore, the unique geography of the Western region, which consists mostly of flat flood plains crisscrossed by numerous branches of the Mekong river, creates a relaxing and romantic atmosphere that further sets it apart from other regions.

2.  What to prepare?

A well-prepared trip makes for a safe and exciting journey. So, what should you need for this backpacking trip on motorbikes? A good motorbike, of course. One that, preferably, doesn’t break down along the way is absolutely essential. Besides that, you should also be equipped with some necessary tools and equipment. Below we have compiled a list of what you should bring for your westward trip:

  • A good bike that can run smoothly on long-distance trips and has a low chance of breaking down along the way; manual shift gear bikes are preferred over shiftless bikes (such as scooters).
  • Light luggage (sufficient clothing, personal hygiene products, etc.) that you can tie to a luggage rack at the back of your bike seat.
  • A friend or group of friends for assistance and alternate driver when needed. A group of 5 to 10 people is considered proper.
  • A simple hammock and ropes that are easy to set up for when you need a break mid-way.
  • A portable tent, guy ropes, and tent poles are light and easy to carry regardless of the terrain.
  • A 1-liter gas bottle should be filled in case of emergencies.
  • Working flashlights, insect or mosquito repellent lotions.
  • Medicines for minor illnesses like colds, stomachache, and other digestive problems.
  • Masks, long-sleeved jackets, glasses, helmets with protective glasses (for protecting your eyes against insects when driving at night as they tend to come out during nighttime in the Mekong Delta region), scarves and pocket knives.
  • A portable bike and tire repairing kit in case your bike breaks down mid-way.
  • A map of the area and a compass, so that even if your phone cannot connect to the internet or is out of battery, you can still be able to find your way.
  • Sufficient water and dry food (enough so that you can resupply along the way if you so choose).

3.  Where to rest?

Consider outdoor camping an absolute must when you sign up for a westward trip. This not only allows you to save costs but also raises the excitement factor for your trip, ensuring it to be an unforgettable one. Though, if you’re dead set on finding warm comfy beds, there are also a plethora of cheap motels lining the streets of the region for you to choose from.

Another form of accommodation that’s quickly becoming popular among backpackers is a homestay. It is convenient and can also facilitate more learning experience about the people living here and their customs, making for even more enjoyable memories.

 4.  Where to go and how to plan?

The first thing you need to consider when planning out your trip is the duration and timing. This is necessary to figure out optimal breakpoints and alternative mode of transportation like boats for crossing rivers. Everything will need to be planned out so that you can be more proactive in time management and, therefore, can visit more locations. There are pre-planned Southwest Vietnam tours on websites like http://vietnammotorbiketoursclub.com or tour reviews on travel blogs that you can use as references for your own plan.


We would also like to give you a few pointers on where to travel as well. If your trip happens to coincide with the flood season, remember to stop by An Giang and Dong Thap. You might get the chance for a unique bath out in the fields during this season. There are also colorful orchards in Tien Giang and Vinh Long, floating markets in Can Tho and Hau Giang if outdoor bathing isn’t your thing.  Additionally, the region is chock-full with culturally-significant locations and structures. The temples and shrines in Soc Trang and Tra Vinh alone can quench your thirst for knowledge of the diverse beliefs and religions local people have.

5.  What to eat?

In order to fill your belly on this trip to the Southwest, you can just pick a cheap diner, preferably one with a friendly owner. Though you should remember to ask about the price before proceeding with your order. If your choice of accommodation is a homestay, you can choose to help pay for the ingredients of a homemade meal – a super affordable option that has an added benefit of bonding with the host as well.

The Southwestern region of Vietnam, with its gentle beauty, is full of delightful experiences just waiting for you to discover. We hope that, with the information we have just laid out above, you would have a great time exploring the amazing Mekong River Delta, as well as a fun and safe backpacking on motorbikes trip with your friends and loved ones.

BM Travel Adventure is a leading motorbike tour operator and motorbike rental in Vietnam. We have operated hundreds of Vietnam motorbike tours annually from north to south, and also motorbike tours to the nearby nations like Laos, Cambodia. We are sure to offer visitors the best places to travel to matching their lifestyle for a fun experience and the best memorial tour.

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